Selling Unveiling the Mystery: Which Island Houses Hawaii’s Army Base? Hawaii’s army base, Schofield Barracks is located on the island of Oahu. For many military families, receiving orders to Hawaii can spark a mix of excitement and questions. While most know it’s a beautiful island paradise, unveiling the specifics like which island houses the base can be a mystery. Fear not, military families! This post […]
Selling Cultural Adaptation Tips for Military Families Moving to Hawaii Fostering Mutual Understanding and Respect “Living in Hawaii for 11 years has been an incredible privilege. Each island, sight, and friend I’ve made along the way has taught me something invaluable about the beauty of this place and the depth of its culture.” Moving to Hawaii represents a unique and enriching opportunity for military families. […]
Military Hawaii BAH 2024: Everything You Need to Know Military personnel stationed in Hawaii receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) [1] to help cover their housing costs. This monthly allowance varies based on your rank, dependency status, and location. What is BAH?   BAH, also known as military housing allowance (MHA) [1], is a benefit that helps service members afford housing in areas where […]
Selling What Color Should I Paint My Hawaii Home What Color Should I Paint My Hawaii Home? A great question to ask yourself.   After all, you have spent a lot of time and money on your Hawaiian home so it would only make sense that the colors are perfect for what you want in your life right now.   Hawaiian homes are different.  […]
Buying A Great Hawaii Real Estate Agent Does These Things   As a Hawaii real estate agent, it is important to provide top-notch exceptional service to your clients. Doing so serves them well and will also help an agent build a strong reputation and a successful career. I take great pride in my professionalism, dedication and attention to detail. Here are some key things that […]
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