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What Color Should I Paint My Hawaii Home

What Color Should I Paint My Hawaii Home? A great question to ask yourself.


After all, you have spent a lot of time and money on your Hawaiian home so it would only make sense that the colors are perfect for what you want in your life right now.


Hawaiian homes are different.  And, while some people go with the traditional white or beige of a beach house, others want to incorporate more color into their Hawaiian home decor.


If you need further help with color selection for your Hawaii home please don’t hesitate to contact me at 808-734-4629. I’d love to help you with your decision.


What to Use and Not Use as an Exterior Color


While you may believe your home is a sure-fire winner when it comes to getting it sold, certain aspects about its exterior will get it sold faster than others.


Many homeowners do not realize that the color of their home’s siding or exterior paint may give them an edge during the sales process.


Before you review which exterior colors sell a house, you need to know more about the hues that will scare a buyer away.

Foreboding Colors Won’t Sit Well For Your Hawaiian Home

Two colors that will make people wary about buying a house, regardless of its other qualities, are brown or black.


These intense shades make it difficult to illicit buyer interest. Don’t even think about using brown, and only use black for exterior accents.


Black provides a striking effect on front doors or shutters. However, covering an entire exterior in black is not good karma – especially in Hawaii.


A sandy color brown is ok, and like black, deep and dark browns are ok for accents.

Green – Be Careful about the Shade You Choose

If your home is trimmed in green, well, that is okay. However, if your house’s exterior is painted classic green, candy-apple green, or dark green, you may want to consider changing the color.


Studies show that these hues of green do not win people over. While it never hurts to choose a color that blends in with other homes, choosing a green might not be such a good idea.


For example, a dark green house is difficult to notice. Also, a citrusy green will stand out, but, according to research, lacks buyer appeal.


If you must paint the exterior green, it’s best to choose a sage color, which gives the home a more neutral look.  Subsequently, you’ll get more buyer appeal.


Yellow paint color for your Hawaiian home

While pale yellow is a happy and sell-friendly color, a bright yellow house will drive a buyer away.


When a house is painted in a bright yellow, it sends a message or a warning to the real estate buyer – one that can only be read as CAUTION, or Buyer Beware!


Yellow is a lovely color, as long as you don’t paint your home the color of a crosswalk or stoplight.


Ocher or pale straw will reap better results.


Can I Paint my Hawaii Home Purple?

Purple is a whimsical color, but not a widespread choice when it comes to selling a house.


Use a lighter, more neutral shade for your home’s exterior and add purple flowers to a flower box.


Keep purple in the places where buyers expect.


While people don’t mind to see purple blooms brimming from a planter, they won’t feel the same type of endearment toward a purple-painted house.


Not Too Pretty in Pink

Another color you want to avoid when selling your home is the color pink.


Again, this color lacks widespread buyer appeal when painted on the outside of a home.


Instead, give your home a classic look by painting it a more timeless color, such as traditional white.


You want to avoid using the above-listed colors so real estate buyers won’t avoid contacting you.


Now that you know what exterior colors are no-no’s, you can focus on the colors that most buyers like.


White and Off-white

According siding and painting specialists, you can never go wrong with white or off-white.


If you select an off-white or white paint or siding, offset the color with a darker color for contrast.


Use the darker hue on the shutters, trim, windowsills, and front door.


White is a big draw, as it makes a home look cleaner and better maintained. It is one of the most common colors used when selling homes.


Gray is Okay for Your Hawaii Home

Gray is another color that often sells real estate, as long as you don’t go too dark, and use a lighter shade, such as a dove gray.


Some people prefer this color, as it is not the commonly used eggshell, off-white, or white colors used for painting exteriors.


Painting or Siding a Home in Hawaii

With that being said, painting homes or adding siding in Hawaii is not quite the same as painting or siding homes on the mainland.


For one thing, the scenery is different, and so are many of the architectural styles.


Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when choosing an exterior color.


If your home is older, you may want to research your home’s architectural design and learn more about what colors are historically important.


Some painters will paint a house using “Heritage” colors to compliment a home’s design and history.


Making a Color Selection


When selecting exterior house colors, you need a main color, trim color, and accent color, all which should fuse nicely, after they are applied to the exterior.


What you normally would use as an accent or trim color should not cover the whole exterior, unless, the trim color is white.


Choose a lighter or more neutral color for the main part of the home and a complimentary and contrasting color for the trims, windowsills, and door.


Look at almost all the homes you see. They are two to three toned and follow this pattern. Lighter colors for the main body and darker accents.


Hawaiian-friendly Exteriors

One of the colors to use on Hawaiian homes, is blue-gray, which goes nicely with an off-white or white trim.


This color combination sparks an added bit of curb appeal, as it adds more depth and excitement to the color gray.


Yellow is also a good color to use, as long as you keep it mellow. When you tone down yellow, it sends out a feeling of optimism and friendliness.


Light blue creates a feeling of security and trust, which, after all, is what owning a home is all about.


Use pale blue to increase a home’s energy, including your listing price. Another great color to consider is putty – not quite gray but not exactly white.


This is an ideal color to use when you live on a street that features lots of trees.


What do you think? What color appeals to you?


Remember, the exterior colors you choose for your home must have wide-spread appeal.  Look for a fit into the theme of the islands or the surrounding homes in your community.


Before you sell your house, think about how people may respond to your home when they see it for the first time.


While you may like your home’s exterior color, it may not be the right color for attracting buyer interest.


This is a central tenant to what color should I paint my Hawaii home.


Please give me a shout or talk to a professional painter if you feel you may need to make a color change.