PCSing To Hawaii

PCSing to Hawaii

Welcome to Paradise: Your PCSing To Hawaii Guide

Congratulations! Getting orders for PCSing to Hawaii is wonderful news! You're going to love your time in paradise.  But first, we're sure you have a lot of questions about moving you and your family halfway around the world to some remote islands in the Pacific ocean.

Don't worry though, we're here to help and with some preparation your move will go smoothly.

Here are the big areas of concern for most military members PCSing to Hawaii.


Smooth Sailing: Your PCS Checklist

How do I move my pet to Hawaii? 

That's a great question and I recommend working on this right away. Today in fact.

Depending on your report no later than date you may already be behind the timeline.

Hawaii has very stringent guidelines for moving pets to Hawaii.

Fortunately, here's a link for the Hawaii state quarantine regulations for scheduling vet appointments and obtaining necessary vaccinations and health certificates.

We put that link in our checklist and it's also down below.

Furthermore, we've added a bookmark for a helpful YouTube video on pet pickup at Honolulu airport.

Hawaii Housing

For housing, decide between on-base and off-base options.

If you're leaning towards off-base living, research neighborhoods and connect with a Hawaii real estate agent (that's me) early.

The Hawaii Military Housing Office can assist with on-base housing availability.

Hawaii Schools

School transitions for children are crucial. Utilize the Hawaii School Finder Map App and ensure all school records and transcripts are ready.

Work with a certified Military Relocation Professional (again that's me) for additional support.

All these items are linked in the free, no strings attached, downloadable guide.

Shipping Your Car to Hawaii

You're allowed to ship one vehicle during your PCS to Hawaii.

Begin this process early and consider purchasing a second vehicle at the base lemon lot upon arrival.

Additional Recommendations for PCSing to Hawaii

Research Hawaii's cost of living, climate, and customs.

I also recommend making a PCS binder with all critical documents, orders, and housing paperwork.

Also, you're going to want to start the medical and dental clearance for your family.

Hawaii offers beautiful weather and a chance to explore new activities like surfing, scuba diving, and hiking.

Despite its remote location making it challenging to visit mainland friends and family, the islands offer a unique and exciting lifestyle.

For any questions, even if you're not looking to buy or sell a home I'm eager to assist.

Contact me at 808-724-4629 for guidance.



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